Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Review: Really The Best?

Everybody knows that we get the right nutrients from eating fruits and vegetables but many of us find it difficult to maintain a healthy diet since ordering takeaway is a lot easier than preparing the healthiest type of food. Euro-Pro, the creator of Ninja housecare brands is fully aware of that fact hence they came up with a Ninja blender that promotes healthier cooking and eating without the need to spend too much time in the kitchen.

This Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 review details everything you need to know about this machine including its advantages and disadvantages  plus real user feedback to help you determine if it is worth a try.

What Is The Ninja Mega Kitchen System?

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is a multi-purpose blender equipped with 1500 watt/ 2 horsepower motor that is designed for complete juicing, frozen blending, food processing, and even dough mixing. Combining the different functions of various kitchen appliances, this high-end blender is apparently an ideal assistant in the kitchen making a lot of work relatively faster and easier.

Features And How They Work

  • Various settings and pulse option. It offers a variety of professional quality blending options allowing you to crush ice, emulsify vegetables and fruits, easily mix, chop, dice, and process foods, make dough for pastries, and create frozen delights such as ice creams or frozen yogurts.
  • 1500-watt and 2HP motor. This high-powered blender makes different kinds of food preparation in a snap. It is strong enough to blend just about anything and can also be gentle as needed for certain foods that require subtlety.
  • 72oz and 65 oz BPA free pitchers with very sharp blades. The large capacity of the pitchers allow you to create more food at once. The sharp blades ensure fast and consistent blending every time.
  • Single serve
    blending cups with to-go lids. Ideal for small jobs that you can do every day and you can even drink from the cup.
  • Sturdy, non-slip base. The base has a suction cup that locks the unit to the counter to ensure it does not move.
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe parts. Cuts down your time on cleaning since it is super easy to clean and parts can be cleaned through the dishwasher.



  • Versatile. It can be very handy to have a kitchen assistant as efficient as this machine which replaces several kitchen appliances.
  • Enables healthier lifestyle. It’s great for health enthusiasts and those who wish to live healthier but don’t have the time.
  • Time-efficient. Preparing healthy foods no longer takes so much time and it is relatively easier with this gadget. You do not need to rush to fast food restaurants to get quick meals since this allows you to prepare nutritious foods in a snap.

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