Ninja Kitchen System 1200 Review: How Good Is It?

What Is Ninja Kitchen System 1200?

This machine is a Euro-Pro professional blender equipped with 1200 watts and very sharp Ninja blades that can apparently crush ice in less than 10 seconds. It comes with an oversized pitcher and a smaller jar both especially designed with lock-in lid and a fill spout.

The Complete Package

The system comes with 2 single-serve personal cups, 64 oz processor bowl with 4-blade assembly, an extra large 72 oz pitcher with 6-blade assembly, cookie paddle, dough hook, and dough station.

How It Works?

This blender boasts of its 1200 watt motor and razor-sharp blender blades which enable you to crush virtually anything in a snap. The concept is straightforward. Power and sharpness equal to high performance blending, pureeing, ice crushing, and controlled processing. Any ingredient you put into it will get mashed in seconds. Just make sure the total ingredients you pour in do not exceed the highest measured marking line on the container’s side.

For the 40-oz bowl, dry ingredients should not surpass 20 oz while wet ingredients should not exceed 40 oz. The oversized pitcher on the other hand should not exceed 20 oz of dry ingredients, and wet ingredients you should limit to 72 oz.

Features And Benefits

  • Versatile. It is equipped with several functions from whipping, mincing, kneading, dough mixing, blending, grinding, chopping, grating, mixing, pureeing, to ice crushing.
  • Food-safe materials. The bowl and pitcher are 100% BPA free which makes the system completely food safe.
  • Ergonomically designed. It comes with a lock-in suction that holds the blender in place for stability, the lock in lids also allow no mishap when pouring.
  • Easy care and maintenance. Parts can easily be separated from each other and are mostly dishwasher safe. The motor base can simply be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Not too noisy. For a powerful blender, the Ninja Kitchen System 1200 is fairly quiet.

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